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Funky Cocktail Geofilter Border

$ 15

Drink Up Cocktail Geofilter Border

Whenever there’s a party going on or a spring break getaway planned, there must be a fun geofilter to snap everything that’s happening. Snapchat is everything now and a huge part of our lives. Having a cool Geofilter for any party night is a must. The Cocktail Geofilter Border is such a versatile one, almost as cool as the Red Cup Birthday Snapchat Filter.) The Cocktail Night Snapchat Filter is here to make everything worth trying. Grab your drink, smile for the camera, and enjoy your cocktail! The colorful rim of this Geofilter is as much as fun as your snaps will be. In brief, to learn more about Snapchat Geofilters, read Snapchat Geofilter Submission Guidelines.

Funky Cocktail Geofilter Border


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