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Colored Funfetti Birthday Geofilter

$ 15

This Funfetti Birthday Geofilter prevents dull birthdays…

Be sure you (or your friends) make you a Funfetti Birthday Geofilter, to go along with the party and fun activities. Oh, and you ALWAYS need a funfetti cake, cupcakes, balloons… Yes, EVERYTHING funfetti themed! Why? Because it contains the word FUN and these colorful sprinkles make everything look undoubtedly better. Now the only thing that’s missing is a FUNfetti geofilter for your Snapchat snaps. You can easily customize this funfetti snapchat geofilter to celebrate your Birthday. Add your name, and enjoy when your friends snap you the bright colors of this filter. This FUNfetti Birthday geofilter suits anyone: kids, quirky adults, boys or girls! If you’re not into funfetti for a birthday theme, you can also customize this birthday snapchat filter to your liking! In brief, to learn more about Snapchat Geofilters, read Snapchat Geofilter Submission Guidelines.


Funfetti Birthday Snapchat Geofilter design


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